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Costa Rica
Costa Rica - the ultimate photographic opportunity
Parrots, toucans, tanagers and more!
Costa Rica Bird Photography Week
An entire week dedicated to creating award-winning images in Costa Rica
Dec 30, 2012 - Jan 5, 2013

Number of people traveling:
If you love birds, you'll love this trip! Travel and learn with Csaba Godeny, nature photographer, birdwatcher, naturalist to Costa Rica on a photographic rainforest expedition. This trip was designed with serious photographers and bird enthusiasts in mind. You'll stay in the heart of a primary rainforest, and have exclusive use of world-class bird hides designed and built by Bence. Photograph endangered Macaws, the majestic King Vulture, the Chestnut-mandible Toucan, woodpeckers, tanagers, honeycreepers, parrots and other rare and endemic species. Receive first hand instruction on how to shoot like the pros, and take home a collection of photos that will impress even the most seasoned photographers. Then, when you are ready to take a break from the hides, experience the rainforests' sights and sounds, and go in search of agouti, coati, monkeys, tapir, and the elusive jaguar. Join us for this incredible trip in January 2013!
Detailed itinerary:
Day 1San Jose/Boca Tapada
 Arrive to San Jose, capital of Costa Rica. If you want to use our transfer service make sure you arrive before 3pm or you have to flight in the previous day. The lodge is about 4 hour drive from the airport. Rooms at the lodge are simple, but comfortable, and equipped with hot water, fans and 24/7 electricity. Following dinner, and perhaps a nightcap, Csaba will organize the group to ensure the proper amount of time each person will spend in the hides. This will not only maximize the time you spend taking photos, but also allow you to take full advantage of other activities and nature photo opportunities in and around the lodge. The most rare and sought after species up here is the critically endangered Lapa Verde (in spanish) or the Great Green Macaw. They range between Nicaragua and Ecuador, and have less than 1000 pairs remaining. Approximately 200 of these pairs reside in Costa Rica, and incredibly 45 pairs nest in the forest surrounding the lodge. After Csaba's briefing we will say our "good night's", retire, and then awake to the sun creeping in to the misty jungles.
 Accomodation: Laguna del Lagarto Lodge
Day 2Boca Tapada
 Based upon Csaba's determination, we will disperse accordingly, and beat the sunrise to our hides. Each one is conveniently located a few hundred meters from our accommodation, and is easily accessible on foot with all of your camera gear. The first hide is constructed half way out of the ground, especially built for attracting vultures and caracaras. And, the second and third are towers 7 m above the ground. The second tower is located deep inside the jungle, and is frequented by seldom seen rainforest species, such as Trogons, while the third one is out in a semi-open field, with fantastic green backgrounds and the largest variety of visiting species including Aracaris. This morning will be entirely dedicated to art of photography and new techniques for capturing a multitude of bird species. Once the day heats up, the animals slow down, and we will follow their lead by returning to the lodge for lunch, siesta, and downloading. This is also a great time to take advantage of capturing the "local" wildlife such as large spiders, colorful insects, snakes, and Diego the gardener. At 3pm, we'll walk back to our assigned hides and spend the rest of the afternoon, until dusk, shooting at various light levels and formats while taking in the multitude of species dancing and darting in front of our lenses. Dinner will be served at 7 pm.
 Accomodation: Laguna del Lagarto Lodge
Day 3-6Boca Tapada
 From this day on, we will follow a similar pattern as the day before. Waking early each day, assessing the wildlife's movements, departing to our hides. The majority of our mornings and evenings will be spent in the hides with various activities, photo opportunities, slide shows, and lectures offered during siesta time and following dinner.
 Accomodation: Laguna del Lagarto Lodge
Day 7Boca Tapada/San Jose/departure
 Now on the 8th day, you will have compilied a photo library that will rival that of any professional photographer, and you will be equipped with the skills and techniques to take home award winning shots on any of your future HidePhotography trips. When booking your return flight, we ask you to book your return flight from San Jose after 2 pm today. This will ensure that we have adequate time to be transferred to Alajuela airport for our international flights. On the flight home we will reflect on this trip and the thousands of professional images we captured from the Costa Rican rainforest, until we can barely wait to arrive home and begin the editing process. Safe travels, and we'll see each other again soon!
Costa Rica Trip mapCopyright © Wildlife and Nature Travel
Tour leader: Csaba Gődény (Pelican)
Trip price:in double room:1,699 EUR
 in single room:1,899 EUR
Price includes:
· all accomodation
· all meals
· all activities mentioned in the program
· airport transfer
· all tips
· all government taxes and levies
· unlimited usage of Hidephotography's hides
· Csaba's guiding fees

Price excludes:
· international flights
· travel insurance
· personal expenses at accommodation
· departure taxes at airports
· visa fees
· any other items not mentioned above

Trip images:
Brown-hooded ParrotCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
King Vulture with Black VultureCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Collared AracariCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.

Collared AracariCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Photographers inside the hideCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Rufous-tailed HummingbirdCopyright © Gábor Bakos.

King VultureCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Colourful birdsCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Basilisk running on waterCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.

Eyelash ViperCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Snake swallowing a frogCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Snake portraitCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.

Elephant beetle portraitCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Red-eyed TreefrogCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Leaf-cutter antsCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.

Golden-hooded TanagerCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Black VultureCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
The vulture hideCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.

Keel-billed ToucansCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
The big tower hideCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Young iguanaCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.

Blue DacnisCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Orange-chinned ParakeetCopyright © Dick van der Lely
Black-cheeked WoodpeckerCopyright © Dick van der Lely

Montezuma OropendolaCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Great KiskadeeCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Blue-gray TanagerCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.

Collared AracariCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Red-legged HoneycreeperCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.
Clay-colored RobinCopyright © HidePhotography Inc.