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About us
We are a company that provides the highest quality hides for nearly-guaranteed wildlife photography opportunities. Our center in Hungary, with 14 hides at present, is in operation for over 4 years and attracts photographers from all over the world. Through careful planning, astonishing field experience, strict environmental and ethical measure, high-quality construction desires and precise management, dissatisfaction is almost unknown among our members. Indeed, almost everyone leaves our hides with many more and much higher quality images than they ever imagined.

Based on our work and great success in Hungary, last year we decided to take Hidephotography Inc. onto an international scale. Our great vision is to establish a hide center in almost every important biodiversity area of the world, with several hides at each location. By providing the same quality experiences, no matter how remote we are and how complicated it is, we will soon create an unprecedented opportunity for wildlife photographers: to be able to photograph thousands of species from our hides, at dozens of locations worldwide, under the same quality measures and with the same success rate. Soon all the "hussle-and-bussle" for searching a suitable location and environment for wildlife photography, and spending thousands of dollars without knowing what you get, will be over. Soon, all you will have to decide is "where to go", yet knowing exactly which species you will be able to photograph, and knowing that you will be able to do it under quality conditions and in relative comfort.

This worldwide system of wildlife photography hides is ever expanding, with current hides under construction in Costa Rica, and others being currently researched in Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique and Australia.

Bence Máté - product development www.MateBence.hu
Using his extensive experience in designing, building and operating wildlife photography hides, Bence is responsible for the quality of our hides and the quality of our guests' experiences in the field. He oversees and manages the entire operation from researching the sites, deciding on the locations, designing the hides and controlling the construction for precise quality. His excellent eye for details and ability for professional work has made him one of the best known wildlife photographers in the world.
Ákos Hivekovics - marketing www.QualityExpeditions.com
Ákos is responsible for the guest relations, marketing and global expansion of our company. With research, conservation and eco-tourism projects on all seven continents, he has the experience and background to ensure the best choice for new locations during our expansion. Management of our bookings and acknowledging customer feedback is paramount to him in order to ensure that our unique product remains positioned at the top of the global market and sought after by professionals and hobbyists alike.
Csaba Gődény - technical solutions photo.pel.hu
Csaba uses his extensive experience in information technology and professional photography for the maintenance and improvement of the equipment, communication and technological solutions for our company. His interest in development of new technological advances ensures that we can provide our guests with the most innovative up-to-date materials for their photographic pursuits. He is also responsible for website development and all electronic equipment.