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Daróczi Csaba, Hungary
I know Bence and his company since 2002 - those days I had more time on my hands, we have done lots of photography together. Since then, I have less and less time for nature photography, but it is still always a pleasure to visit his hides. Hidephotography will always show you a subject that will move your phantasy. Years ago bird photography from hides meant numbed limbs, uncomfortable poses and lots of cold. At Hidephotography's hides, we can now take pictures from extreme perspectives and under comfortable conditions. They pay absolute attention to the location, orientation and the background. If you have all of these birds right in front of you, it is difficult not to take a good image - and the birds are always there. Unfortunately I can't spend as much time as I want in Hidephotography hides, but even this way, using their services, I managed to take 3 images that were awarded on international photo contests (Germany, USA and Japan). A special thanks for every hour that I could spend in their hides!

Daróczi Csaba
European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Great White Egret (Egretta alba)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Great White Egret (Egretta alba)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Great White Egret (Egretta alba)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Roller (Coracias garrulus)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Redshank (Tringa totanus)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Little Owl (Athene noctua)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Jay (Garrulus glandarius)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba
Hare (Lepus europaeus)Copyright © Daroczi Csaba