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As one of Bence's follower on FB wrote: "Dear friends, why am I NOT surprised to see friend Bence Máté's delightful photo gracing the cover of Nat. Geo Russia March issue, "Speaking Bird Language " ... This is one of my favorite images of his, whimsical and fun !! Bravo, Bence, as always well done !" You can read the English translation here

In November 2012 the new hide, nicknamed “Theatre” was finished in Hungary; this is the world most exclusive water-bird photographer’s hide. Through a reed passageway and an underground tunnel anyone can get to an island where the birds are resting without disturbing the animals in any time of the day. Thanks for the specially designed waterproof structure the unique birdlife can be observed on the water level from a most comfortable chair. The different species and their behaviours can be watched through a webcam on the www.onlinehide.com in 24 hours of the day.

Three of the hide photos Leslie and Mike Anderson took on their 2011 trip to Hungary received finalist and semifinalist honors in the 2011 and 2012 Windland Smith Rice International Photo Awards (Natures Best Photography Magazine).

Costa Rica 2012-13 season workshop dates are now open! Come and join one of our famous workshops in Costa Rica, through which our expert photographers will help you to maximize your success and quality not only in the hides but also through dozens of additional subjects outside the hides. One of our popular subjects, the flying bats drinking from nocturnal flowers will be featured and attempted during our workshops. For limited number of people only, do not hesitate, sign up now! Contact us for further details. The dates are:DEC 30 - JAN 05

Our season in Costa Rica had come to an end. And what a season we have had! All of our hides catered for dozens of photographers who then produced several award-winning images. Besides the ants, reptiles, amphibians and insects, this year we have mastered our technique to photograph several bats species that come and drink nectar from nocturnal flowers. Click here to see our 2012-2013 workshop dates!

Our first Pantanal Workshop ended today with great success! Participants of this fully booked workshop had left today with amazing images of the endangered Hyacinth Macaw, which was one of our main target species. However, naturally, they have taken thousands upon thousand of shots of a few dozen songbird species, a dozen or so unique mammals, several reptiles and many other subjects. Most popular was the huge family group of Ring-tailed Coatis that frequented one of the forest drinking stations every day. Click here to sign up for our 2014 workshop!

For once again, Bence won the Eric Hosking Award this year, becoming the most awarded nature photographer of all times! As usual, HidePhotography's hides and other technologies and inventions allowed his to stay ahead of all others in the world. This, however, means that you can easily create your own award-winning images with us. Come and use our facilities, join us in Hungary, Costa Rica and the Pantanal of Brazil for our workshops or your individually booked periods, to create your own fascinating portfolio of nature images!

As always, our Hungarian season has been pretty much fully booked and completed with great success. The usual 'star' species (European Roller, European Bee-eater, Common Kestrel) were all very co-operative, the new shore hides produced fantastic images and the drinking stations were absolutely busy in the unusually dry summer heat. The drinking stations had several raptor species on them every day, as well as some unique and rare species like the Black Woodpecker. Our next season is already filling up very fast, make sure you book well in advance!

Our Pantanal HidePhotography Center is open for booking! After two years of hard work, research, construction and testing, we are proudly announcing the completion of our third photography center, which is located at the Pantanal region of Brazil. With two forest drinking stations, a great tower hide and 5 individual raptor (mainly vultures) hides, this new center is an amazing place for bird photography, but we must also mention the many mammals that frequent the drinking station, as well as the several additional species one can photograph outside of the hides. Come join us! Be among the first to take advantage of the amazing new photography opportunities in Brazil!

As always, Costa Rica has been an outstanding success this season! We have further perfected our technique to photograph flying hummingbirds as they drink nectar from flowers, as well as extended and perfected our garden hide, featuring all species of dacnis and honeycreeper species. A serious storm nearly destroyed our forest hide, which miraculously survived and provided us with amazing images throughout the season. We opened up a new location for photography as well, right off the balcony of Lagarto Lodge, which also adds to the great variety of images one can leave Costa Rica with.

Our season in Costa Rica is open as of today! We are looking into a great season, with all of our hides fully functioning and with many new experiences, topics and techniques to be tested. Our feeding stations and tower hides attract a great variety of species, the King Vultures are frequently coming down at the vulture hide and our new garden hide is super busy with beautiful, colorful new garden and forest species. We have several Green Basilisks frequently running across bodies of water at well-determened locations, and will also have baby caimans at several locations. All the poison dart-frogs, snakes and other frog species are numerous and await the talented photographers. Come join us this season in Costa Rica!

Bence is the overall winner of the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year, as well as the Eric Hosking award, with his images taken mainly at our Costa Rica location! His amazing image of leaf-cutter ants was taken just a few hundred meters from our forest hide, and most of his other winning shots are product of HidePhotography's top-quality photography facilities. Come and join us in Costa Rica, utilize our technology to get your own award-winning images!

Customer wins international photo award with an image taken at our Costa Rican location. Sandor Zsila, our friend, master and customer, took a picture entitled 'Argument' in January and got Finalist for the Natural World group at the CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010 contest. His image features three Collared Aracaris (Pteroglossus torquatus) fighting on a branch. Congratulations!

We just started to test one of our hides (a drinking station) in the Pantanal, Brasil. There was an amazing crowd of birds on the very first day with wonderful species like Roadside Hawk, Squirrel Cuckoo, Toco Toucan, Great Curassow, Orange-backed Troupial (our favourite), Plush-crested Jay and others. But the real surprise was a Tayra which came to drink at around 9 a.m.

We've started to construct our Pantanal Wildlife Photography station in Brazil. At the first stage, we are creating two drinking stations (for 3 people each), a tower hide (for 5 people) and a vulture feeding center.

Great opportunity to photograph unique wildlife in Costa Rica with Bence Mate! From January 11 till January 17, 2010, Bence Mate will be your guide at our Costa Rica Hidephotography center and will provide you with all of his knowledge and talent to ensure that you are leaving with award-winning photographs after an entire week of wildlife photography. Contact us for extensive trip details and prices!

Customer wins international photo award with image taken from our hide. Zsolt Kudich, our frequent customer, won the bird category at the Nature’s Best Photography contest. His image features two Common Buzzards (Buteo buteo) engaged in a snowy winter dispute over their prey. The illustration image has been taken at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

Pantanal is going to be the location of our third hide center. After months long research trips, site assessments and negotiations with lodges and property owners, we managed to sign the contract for our third international hide location. It is going to be in the fantastic world of Brazil's largest wetland-grassland area, the Pantanal. We plan to begin construction this summer and to have the center open by the end of year.

Our new photography center in Costa Rica has its first hide completed today. We tested this brand new hide today, designed for vultures and other scavengers, and we had the greatest pleasure to photograph three specimen of the majestic King Vulture for over an hour, among other interesting species.

Hidephotography.com website is launched. It provides extensive information about photographic opportunities – description of hides, a complete list of species, online booking system, species search, news and of course lots and lots of pictures.

The bee-eaters have broken the record! There are now five pairs raising their youngs around Bence's farm.

We decided to go to Costa Rica this fall and build our second center. The team will depart in November and the new photography center is expected to open in April, 2009.

Long-eared Owls at Bence's farm! One of our many nestboxes is now occupied by a female long eared owl. The youngs are already fledged and are out in the bushes of the garden. Together with them the number of nesting birds increased to sixteen (european bee-eaters, rollers, kestrels, long eared owls, great reed warblers, sand martins, spotted flycatchers, tree sparrows, house sparrows, starlings, pied wagtails, chaffinches, blue tits, great tits, goldfinches and pheasants).

This is the second year when a pair of kestrels is nesting in the watchtower around Bence's farm. Two meter away from the kestrels, a family of rollers is trying to occupy a nestbox! As a result, the two different species are costantly in fight, which gives a unique opportunity for the photographers to capture a special moment.

The HidePhotography team goes to Namibia to search for a possible photography center. The team spends two months with exploring the country but despite the finding of good places, they do not begin the building operations yet.

Bence's farm becomes the very first HidePhotography center that offers world class bird photography with HidePhotography standards. It has 14 hides with more than a hundred species to photograph.

Ákos Hivekovics gets in touch with Bence Máté, with the idea of creating a worldwide system of Bence's already successful bird photography hides. Soon after they establish HidePhotography.com together with Csaba Gődény.