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HidePhotography News - February 2009

Dear Member,

First of all, allow me please to officially welcome you in the exclusive family of Hidephotography Members. Thank you for signing up for membership on our website and for your great interest in the amazing photography opportunities our company offers and intends to offer in the near future worldwide. Your satisfaction, the quality of your photographs taken from our hides is extremely important for us, so we always attempt to maintain frequent communications with you and expect to hear your opinion and feedback. One way to communicate and keep each other up to date is a short but informative newsletter, to which I would also like to welcome you at this time.

Since this is our first newsletter to you and the first event of "official" communication, we would also like to take this opportunity to explain a little bit about the vision of our company and the long term plans we are intending to achieve. As you know very well, through our website and through the fantastic experiences you may had in Hungary, we are a company that provides the highest quality hides for nearly-guaranteed wildlife photography opportunities. Our center in Hungary, with 14 hides at present, is in operation for over 4 years and attracts photographers from all over the world. Through careful planning, astonishing field experience, strict environmental and ethical measure, high-quality construction desires and precise management, dissatisfaction is almost unknown among our members. Indeed, almost everyone leaves our hides with many more and much higher quality images than they ever imagined.
Based on our work and great success in Hungary, last year we decided to take Hidephotography Inc onto an international scale. Our great vision is to establish a hide center in almost every important biodiversity area of the world, with several hides at each location. By providing the same quality experiences, no matter how remote we are and how complicated it is, we will soon create an unprecedented opportunity for wildlife photographers: to be able to photograph thousands of species from our hides, at dozens of locations worldwide, under the same quality measures and with the same success rate. Soon all the "hussle-and-bussle" for searching a suitable location and environment for wildlife photography, and spending thousands of euros without knowing what you get, will be over. Soon, all you will have to decide is "where to go", yet knowing exactly which species you will be able to photograph, and knowing that you will be able to do it under quality conditions and in relative comfort.
Our first international center will be in the fascinating world of lowland rainforest region on Costa Rica. We are about to complete our hides there, please read more information below. We have also just managed to sign the contract for our third location. It is going to be in the unique wetland area of Brazil: the Pantanal.

As you can see from our explanation above, our company will provide an unprecedented opportunity for all wildlife photographers of the world. Everybody will be able to equally benefit from it, and the more we expand, the more possibilities appear. And since we are extremely keen in expanding and adding more and more possibilities for you, there will be only one factor that determines the speed of expansion: your interest! The more people using our exclusive services, the more opportunities will be created for us to expand. One way YOU can help us achieve these goals and to provide more and more opportunities for you, is by letting as many people as possible know about our services. Please share this newsletter with your fellow photographers, and please introduce our company among your friends, your colleagues, at your local photography club or at meetings and conferences. Your efforts and generous help will be returned the best possible way: by providing more and more photography opportunities worldwide for you. Thank you very much again for your great support and interest!

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that our second international hide photography center will be open soon in Costa Rica. The final elements of the three hides we are completing there are currently being put together, and a GRAND OPENING photography session will be held between April 15 and April 30, 2009.

In case you are willing to be among the very first to take pictures from our hides in Costa Rica, for a slightly discounted fee, please let us know as soon as you can!

The lodge you will be staying at is called Laguna del Lagarto Lodge. It is inland and north, only 15 km south of the Nicaraguan border. On the map, follow the paved roads to Pital, then north to Boca Tapada. It is 8 km north from that. The lodge is certainly nothing luxurious or anything you would get in a 4-5 star city hotel, but you will have comfortable beds, hot water, clean shower and great food. But again, this is also not what you are coming here for. This place is a fantastic photo paradise. Every minute, someone brings you an unheard of, unbelievable, very photogenic animal. And the hides are all absolutely unique in their way. So the experience is just great and very unique.
We can easily arrange transfers for you from San Jose to the Lodge. As long as you land in San Jose before 2 pm, you will get there before dark (usually 4 hours trip). The price is same as for Hungary, Euro 250 per person per day, including accommodation, three meals a day, local help in finding and learning about the hides, and hide usage (24 hours, if you like). If you manage to come at our promotional opening session of April 15-30, we can offer you a small discount of 20 Euros per day (if staying in double room, otherwise we can offer you to eliminate the 30 Euro per day single supplement).
There are three hides. One is half underground, in eye level with the ground, and is specifically designed for vultures. At the moment three species are frequent visitors: King Vulture, Black Vulture and Turkey Vulture. The other two hides are towers. One is in an open semi-woodland field with breathtaking green grass as background, and another one is in the primary rainforest, attracting species that never leave the forest, thus impossible to photograph anywhere else. This hide also has an opening in front of it, so you have a good background.
The last pieces of the hides are currently being put together and the wildlife movement around them is currently being monitored. We hope to be able to release the species lists within about a month and hope to have the entire center up and running on our website by the end of March, 2009.

It is also our greatest pleasure to announce that the location for our third international hide photography center has just been contracted. It is going to be built in the diversity rich wetland region of Brazil: The Pantanal. We are planning to start construction sometime in late May and hope to have the center open by the end of 2009. We will keep you informed about the progress.

Thank you very much again for your great interest in taking amazing images from our hides, and we all hope to see you soon at one of our international hide photography locations.


Akos Hivekovics (Mr.)
marketing manager
HidePhotography Inc.