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Interactive book for iPad

Dear Member,

The first amazinginteractive book from the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 Bence Matehas been published for iPad.


You can read the detailed backstageinformation of the winning pictures through 170 pages. The content of theoriginal book completed with 9 HD video.


 “If a photographerwants to capture a fast and exciting action scene in a technically perfectmanner, he or she should at least know, or try to guess, what is going tohappen in front of the lens. In my work I have strived to “forecast” when suchmoments will occur and capture them in photographs”. –says Bence but he admits:“I have crouched for hours, days, weeks,sometimes even months waiting forfortune to shine.”


 „The InvisibleWildlife Photographer" has been published by GoodBook Hungary. Availablefor iPad from the iBookstore for 9,99 euros.



Csaba Godeny (Mr.)
HidePhotography Inc.