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Photography week in Hungary 2014

Dear Member,

Let me recommend you two exclusive photo tours in Hungary. In the past two years we have made more investments in the Hungarian base than in the previous six years; consequently, we can guarantee you extremely good and varied photo opportunities.

 1.      17 – 24 April

Main theme: Water bird shooting

There are 3 shore hides for photographers:

Theater: The most exclusive, underwater hide in the world which can be approached through a tunnel, built in the middle of an island, so countless regular and migrating water bird species can be photographed from there.

Underwater hide: Our company’s latest hide will open its doors to photographers in April, after a long period of planning and construction, so those arriving with this group will have the chance to try it for the first time. As so far no one has taken any shots from this hide, I would be irresponsible to mention any species. I would only mention that the hide is located on an excellent site, with homogeneous brown background, where you can sit comfortably and take your photos directly from the water-level. The hide is located in the dense reed, and for this reason, such hidden species as Water Rail and Great Bittern are expected to be seen there, which do not venture to the other waterside hides. Today 98 Pygmy Cormorants have been drying in the island built next to the hide, and presumably there might be some left till late April, too.

 Small shore hide: After the reconstruction, our oldest shore hide offers absolutely new opportunities. A new island has been built in front of it, which ensures much better conditions for shooting. It can be approached dry-footed,and alike the other shore hides, it is equipped with electricity and Internet,and it is regularly visited by several species of ducks, geese, herons and egrets.

Other themes: Apart from regular birds, the 3 drinking stations are luring us with the wide variety of migrating species,too. Under very ideal photo conditions you can expect 10 – 15 species a day.


2.      21 – 28 June

Main theme: Bee-eater, Roller and Hoopoe. Words fail me, so let the pictures speak: perfect background and lights, unforgettable moments.

We have 3 Bee-eater hides:

We have 2 Hoopoe hides:

We have 4 Roller hides:


Other themes

 The above-mentioned 3 shore hides are operating with huge activity this season as well. 

 - 3 forest drinking stations, with inexhaustible action and variety of species. 


For more details about the tour, please contact us at reservations@hidephotography.com.

Best regards,


HidePhotography Inc.